Re-certification meeting TBD.

For the 2019 soccer season you will receive no assignments from the assignor until you fulfill the re-certification meeting requirements and attendance.

Only plan to attend if you can stay until the end of the meeting. No credit for the meeting or badge if you leave early.

You must be re-certified for 2019 which includes registering and passing the test on the Game Officials website.

You must pay the local CDREF dues of $30.00 on the night of meeting.

You must attend the CDREF clinic on law changes.

You will be given the badge at the end of the meeting and must sign for it.

General Membership Meeting

Tuesday April 9, 2019 6:00pm – 8:00pm at CBA High School


Physical Fitness Test – Sunday April 14, 2019 9:30am at Colonie HS Track


Build Out Rule for U10 – 7 v 7 Interpretation

Build Out Line Rule for all referees working 7 v 7   - The ball is in play when the Goalkeeper releases it into play by passing, throwing or rolling the ball into play. The opponents may cross the build out line when this occurs.

After speaking with ENYYSA Director of coaching about the rule interpretation in how it is written, the ENYSYA Competitions would like to have a first touch by the Goalkeepers teammate before he opponents leave the build out line. Know the league you are working and understand their rules of competition. The coaches in ENYYSA have been given this understanding of the rule.

New Referee Courses



Re-certification 2019

Re-certification 2019 – Contact Mike Rennick

Re-Certification – All current referees must re-certify which will begin in the end of August beginning of September. 

Registration will be on-line test in Game Official procedures will be available prior to the  registration period. Questions can be directed to Mike Rennick at instructor.cdref@gmail.com

You will not be registered if you do not register on-line.

The below fees include local CD-REF association dues.

Fill out and print it out, sign and date at the Re-Certification.  

Please fill in your USSF Referee Number  

REFEREE Fees:      GRADE 9 – $85   Grade 8 – $95    GRADE 7 – $100  

GRADES 15, & 16 – $130 

Make all checks out to CD-REF.     

GO TO “LINKS” to see last clinic on Report Writing and report forms

See the page on instruction/assessment/mentoring for more information.

Go to the Q&A page for a complete list of CDRef officers

RISK MANAGEMENT is required every two years – if you are 18 and over in 2014 you are required to have a risk assessment. go to http://www.sportssignup.com/enyysaref.start  The fee is part of your registration if you are asked for a fee you are on the wrong page. DO NOT pay again for this assessment. Any problems contact Michael Rennick Instructor Coordinator at mrennic1@nycapp.rr.com or instructor.cdref@gmail.com.