Fitness and Exercise for Referees

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Referee Fitness Information

The following is the information provided by National Referee and Assistant Trainer at Bard College Justen Lopez at the March 19, 2015 training session

A. Injury+Prevention+Exercises

Training schedule to assist referees on prevention of injuries. The schedule can also be found in the LINKS page.

B. Injury Prevention Presention Updated

The power point presentation in a PDF format. The information is for referees in the CDRef association and should not be copied without permission of the presenter

C. Video examples of Excercises

The following are videos associated with the exercise program.

1. Warm Up


3. Clamshells

4. Abductor Wall Press

5. Monster Walks

6. Star Core

7. Body Squat

8. Wall Sit

9. Step Up

10. Lunge

11. 4-Way Ankle

12. Heel Raises

13. Single Leg Balance

14. Dot Drill

16. Supine Flutter Kicks

17. Rotation Plank

18. Dying Bug

19. Superman

20. Bridging