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Manditory Referee Meetings are as follows:

General Membership Meeting

Tuesday April 9, 2019 6:00pm – 8:00pm at CBA High School

For the 2019 soccer season you will receive no assignments from the assignor until you fulfill the re-certification meeting requirements and attendance.

Only plan to attend if you can stay until the end of the meeting. No credit for the meeting or badge if you leave early.

You must be re-certified for 2019 which includes registering and passing the test on the Game Officials website.

You must pay the local CDREF dues of $30.00 on the night of meeting.

You must attend the CDREF clinic on law changes.

You will be given the badge at the end of the meeting and must sign for it.


Board Meeting Minutes

CDREF Board Meeting 3-5-2019


Physical Test for Grade 7 referees and referees doing Premier Level Youth Games U16D1 and above.

To All Grade 7 USSF Referees
   Grade 8*

* interested refereeing Premier Youth Games assigned through CDRef 

You are required to take the US Soccer State Physical Test. 
This test is different than any you have done in the past 
and involves the following is the US Soccer requirements

Sprint Test 
• Maximum of 10 seconds per sprint 

• Participants will run six consecutive 40 meter sprints followed by a 
recovery period after each sprint (while walking back to the start line) 
• Dynamic start with the front foot on a line that is 1.5 meters away 
from the electronic timing gates at the starting position 
• If a participant falls or trips, they are allowed 
another attempt at that specific sprint 
• If a participant fails one sprint out of the six, 
they are given one more attempt immediately after the sixth sprint 
• If a participant fails two sprints, they fail the test 

Interval Test – 

• Maximum of 45 seconds for the 150 meter run 
• Maximum of 45 seconds for the 50 meter walk 

• Participants run a total of ten consecutive laps 
• A lap consists of two 150 meter runs with two 50 meter recovery walks 
1. Starts with running 150 meters in the prescribed time 
2. Followed by walking 50 meters in the prescribed time 
3. This process is repeated to complete one lap 
• Walking area is marked by cones 3 meters on each side of the 150 meter marks 
• If a participant fails to reach the walking area in the 
prescribed time, they are issued a warning 
• If a participant fails to reach the walking area for a 
second time, they fail the test 

Start running and doing some interval work to prepare for this test.

Michael Rennick
ENY Instructor Co-coordinator
Capital District