Capital District Referee Association is affiliated with Eastern New York Soccer Referee Association, which is under the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

To become a referee requires you to be physically fit and emotionally mature. Candidates who complete all requirements will be certified as USSF referees and become eligible to officiate USSF-sanctioned games.

The referee path begins at the Grassroots Referee level (previously known as Grades 9, 8, and 7). To become a Grassroots Referee, you must:

  • Be age 14 or older,
  • Complete e-learning in the Online Grassroots Referee Course offered by USSF, (a fee of $20 is required to be paid online and the learning must be completed before the In-Person Course)
  • Attend an In-Person Grassroots Course or a Zoom meeting (a fee is required to be paid before the class),
  • Pay the USSF Registration Fee (may be included in the clinic fee), and
  • Purchase required uniform and referee equipment.

Upcoming Courses

  • Eastern New York (ENY) has shifted to holding online courses. The schedule for online courses is available on the ENY website here:
    • Click the link for New Grassroots In-Person Referee Courses, then click the link for NEW GRASSROOTS REFEREE – ZOOM.
      • Note that you are required to complete the Grassroots online training via US Soccer Learning center and then attend this ZOOM meeting.
      • You must complete the online training one week prior to the ZOOM meeting.
      • Invites to the ZOOM will be sent only to those who have completed the online sessions. 
  • Please email Mike Rennick if you are interested in participating in a course at or with interest.